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About the Mine

The Million Souls Mine sits on an 11 acre property in Pasco County, Florida. Dan found the mine while searching the state for an archaeologically rich site. Seeing possibilities here, he purchased the place and began stockpiling. Sadly, Sally didn't see the beauty in the rather nondescript rocks until an invitation to the King's Point Lapidary Club. Polishing her first cabochon from her own slabbed coral was wildly exciting, and continues to prove our coral is not only gem quality, it has a seemingly endless array of colors and polyp variations. Each new slab Dan cuts has us giggling like kids at Christmas!  


From finding, washing, cutting, designing, grinding, shaping and polishing and even wire wrapping, every single step happens right here.  At the Million Souls Mine, we are doing real things in real time with a very unique gemstone. Thank You for being a part of it!

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