The Art of the Cabochon

Shipping & Returns

Turning a hunk of rock into a pleasingly shaped and highly polished gem requires a bit of strong equipment and some thoughtful, hard work.  That's not to say it's no fun!  The moment a rock reveals it's true colors is always extraordinarily exciting.  From the time Dan slabs it, things get downright lively. We call on artistic inclinations to plan the shape and choose the size before trimming. Finding the sweetest spot is always the goal! From there, it's a process of grinding into shape, sanding, and polishing, polishing, POLISHING!

(We like to see those polyps smiling brilliantly.)

Many people collect cabochons. Some folks will use them in their own artistic creations. Lapidary artists of all kinds need gems as the centerpiece of their work. Other folks just like the smooth, cool, solid feel of them in their pocket. 

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