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I am happy to say we are cooking coral again.

The material is rough spalled, cooked very slowly to 550 degrees, then trimmed up a bit so you won't have so much waste.

We can get about 23 to 25 lb into the boxes.

The price is a throwback to 2020, $125 per box including shipping.

For those who bought from us in the past, I will be making up the boxes just like you got then. Each box is mixed, with the same amount of large (7"+), medium (4-7"), and smaller flakes.

The color is mixed, with about 75% red.

If you have a hankering for a box of coral riddles to solve, send me an email to

or text  941-716-5943.



Check out our Facebook Group "Million Souls Mine" to see what skilled Coral knappers are creating!

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